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LOUISE FISHMAN with Sharon Butler

Sharon Butler sat down with Louise Fishman to discuss her two current exhibitions: Five Decades, a 50-year retrospective at Tilton Gallery (September 5 – October 13), and Louise Fishman, at Cheim & Read (September 13 ­– October 27).


I-I r-remember twilight t-t-times, b-b-backyard kilns, yellow smoke wafting down the street, and s-s-sucking,” he said, fixing his eyes on the volcano. Marble pillars wreathed with green ivy supported the balcony of the cool café.

In Conversation

An epistolary interview with Jarrett Earnest, pt. 1 “A-G”

Dear Richard, Phong has been in touch about me doing an email interview with you. I’ve just come from your current show at Pace (Systems VIII-XII September 07 - October 13). I like the idea of compiling an interview-collage-glossary of sorts. I think it will be fun.

In Conversation

In Conversation with PETER LAMBORN WILSON

Prior to the opening reception of the writer/artist's new show at 1:1 gallery, (Vanishing Art & Hoodoo Metaphysics, September 23 – October 20) a group of students the Art Criticism and Writing M.F.A. program at the School of Visual Arts drove upstate to speak with Peter Lamborn Wilson.

Gardens Beyond Eden: Bio-aesthetics, Eco-Futurism, and Dystopia at dOCUMENTA (13)

dOCUMENTA (13) betrays a (non)position of uncommitted pluralism, a tendency familiar in the liberal milieu of contemporary art, happy to allude to crises and emergencies but take no clear stand in relation to them.


Annina Nosei said of Shirin Neshat’s work, that “her ground as an artist: emotional-cultural and political is clear.” I always felt this to be an apt distillation of what makes the now-iconic inscribed photographs so accessibly compelling—or compellingly accessible, as the case may be.


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