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Windows of the World Workers Stay United

On Sunday, June 26, dozens of restaurant workers in tall paper toques and flimsy plastic aprons charged into the Taste of Chicago.

No Place for Walmart

Much attention has been paid to Walmart’s latest attempt to set up shop in New York City. In recent months, much of the coverage has mentioned a site called Gateway II in East New York, Brooklyn, that the company is supposedly eyeing.

Redemption in Bushwick

Eugene Gadsden usually speaks haltingly, but ask him about the indignities facing “canners”—the approximately 10,000 New Yorkers who support themselves by picking aluminum cans and glass and plastic bottles off city streets—and he becomes loud and impassioned.

UNITY: A desperate plea for adult supervision

In New York City nothing symbolizes the hangover experienced from the real estate frenzy of the aughts better than the debacle that is the Atlantic Yards. Critics have long believed that Forest City Ratner Chairman and CEO Bruce Ratner’s high-flying promises of jobs, starchitecuture, affordable housing, high-rises, and sports were cynically calculated to sell his intention to control the rail yards at Atlantic Avenue.


There’s no money, city officials keep condescendingly insisting, as battles over Bloomberg’s austerity budget continue to raise tempers this muggy New York summer.

No Escape

I didn’t even hear him coming. Perched on the side of the steps leading into Fort Greene Park on Willoughby, I was too busy tapping away on my iPhone like the dopamine junkie that I am.

Aboard the Big Red Bus

Deep down I wanted to re-experience the feeling of being a newcomer, to suspend what I’d learned as a resident and see New York like I had my first time, when everything had the sheen and sparkle of novelty.


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