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Slow Movement

The ancient Greeks had two words for time: “Chronos,” a chronological and sequential series of events, and “Kairos,” an undetermined “space between,” in which something special happens.

Of Cosmos, Cake, and Crossing Disciplines

On the train ride back, Carrie tells me that her friend told her that astrologically, March this year is a very charged month. A particular celestial body (she doesn’t know which) is completing its orbit for the first time in a long time (she can’t say how long). 

Meta Meta

A writer sits on the living room couch and stares at the computer in her lap. A glass of water sweats on the coffee table. A dog sleeps curled up on a green blanket at her feet.

I Was, I Am

One afternoon last winter, in a studio at Manhattan’s LaGuardia High School of Music & Art And Performing Arts, Jacques d’Amboise was teaching a very young dancer how to bow.

DIY Dance

MGM Grand makes “highly structured dances” in unpredictable and often-times unconventional places. They produce work on the outskirts of institutional frameworks, with their liberating dancing anywhere, anytime attitude.

Family Values

It’s not the parts, but the whole. All wholes are made of parts, and any parts, put together in certain ways, can make certain wholes make certain meanings.

Down Under

The last time I saw Stephen Petronio he was striding down a side wall of the Whitney Museum. A straightforward maneuver, claimed rock-climbing friends, but, hey, what about the moment he was lowered over the side at an angle of 90 degrees, staring at the sidewalk 12 stories below?


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