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Capitalism Makes Me Sick

Capitalism makes me sick. I’m not just talking about moral revulsion, nor speaking metaphorically: I am actually sick.

In Conversation

BILL ZIMMERMAN with Lawrence Weschler

“One thing I learned in the early ’60s—and it’s very pertinent to what is going on now—is how it’s always difficult to see over the horizon, to see the consequences of present actions,“ says Zimmerman.

Docs In Sight

Filming Occupy Wall Street

While most politicians wait it out and much of the media flutters about, the Occupy Wall Street movement keeps generating heat even as the weather gets colder.

Arthur Phillips Stole My Bike

7:30 a.m. The alarm. Meh meh. Clock radio, but I’m too deaf for music to wake me up; I lost my hearing, or made it go away faster, with 20 years of Judo. I reset the alarm for 7:45 and lie there, in a sand of bliss, knowing that the tide of a long day has just rolled in.

Moral Memory

We are living in the end times, according to journalist and moral thinker Chris Hedges. We are living in the end times, if the end times mean the subsumption of moral life into corporate life.

After the Revolutions

In a recent post on his website, author Corey Robin claimed that in writing The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin, his goal was to “understand the right—not to criticize it or show why it’s wrong, but to get inside its head, to examine its leading ideas, and bring its sense and sensibility into focus.”

Coup D'Medias

On the 23rd of February 1981, a group of civil guards burst into the Spanish parliament in midsession. Led by Lieutenant Colonel Tejero, they took the parliamentarians hostage under gunpoint.

What Mexico Doesn't Need

In his latest work, Mañana Forever?, Castañeda wonders how Mexico will solve some of its longstanding financial and social problems.

Back to Square One

The students who attend the International High School at Prospect Heights walk through hallways originally constructed in the 1920s, when the New York City Board of Education erected a colossal 3,500-seat school in view of the Brooklyn Museum and Botanical Gardens.


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