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Peacetime Soldier

It’s been 10 years since the post-9/11 wars began. Both Iraq and Afghanistan are miserable failures—over there and at home.

An Excerpt from Secrets and Wives

It’s a low overcast day as I leave Salt Lake City. Splatterings of showers from a dirty sky. I’m heading for Manti, the home of a polygamous group called the True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days (TLC), led by the prophet James D. Harmston.

Joe, We Hardly Knew Ya

In 1902, a young man named Joel Hägglund boarded a ship from Sweden to the United States. Like many immigrants of the period, he had managed to squeeze a lifetime’s worth of hardship into his short existence: his father had died from head injuries suffered on the job, while his mother was laid to waste by the macabre-sounding “consumption of the spine.”

The Sharpest Beach Bums You’ll Ever Meet

Give McKenzie Wark credit. Getting in the ring with Guy Debord and his Situationist crew and making their quixotic vision of a world wholly unlike this one seem palatable and almost reasonable is an accomplishment.

The 1920s: The Good Times?

The 1920s are back, bigger and better than ever.

Thirst For Debt

In literature, as in life, the importance of being responsible with one’s money is as central a moral issue as being responsible with one’s words. Oftentimes, a breech in one will upset a balance in the other.

The Politics of Fashion

In the decade spanning the mid-1930s to mid-’40s, a new male fashion emerged and gained popularity thoughout the country. It also provoked much controversy. It was the new style of the youthful sharpie, the jitterbuger, the zoot suiter.


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