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The Fixers’ Collective; Repairing the World, One Lamp at a Time

Growing up, my dad fixed things. All kinds of things, all the time. Broken clocks, torn boots, a radio that played only static—no matter the object, nine times out of 10 he’d go to the cellar of our tiny four-room house and return hours later with a smile on his face, eager to present the once-rent object for our approval.

Seeing the Navy Yard

In his photo book The Brooklyn Navy Yard (powerHouse, 2010), John Bartelstone takes us on a voyage into a world that—despite its proximity to downtown Brooklyn—seems a strange and distant land, where great industrial beasts once roamed.

Waiting for Tables

When I first encountered Sunnyside’s tall trees fanning over peaked rooftops, I couldn’t believe such suburbia was a ten-minute subway ride from Midtown. But mostly I was curious how the idyllic neighborhood contained two of its inhabitants, the Armenians and the Turks, and their ancient, bloody grudge.


The Brooklyn Rail

MAR 2010

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