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Will the DOE Test for PCBs?

You’ve got to hand it to the public relations firm hired by the New York City Department of Education. The tag line they’ve come up with—“Children First. Always.”—is exactly what a school system should be championing.

A Note from Dore Ashton

When students tell me about their speedy research methods, and the Internet miracles they can perform, and why they don’t read books, I ask: Do you have a houseplant? Yes, most of them do. Can you, I ask, make it grow faster?

Brooklyn’s Comic Book Stores: A Pilgrimage

Swamped as we are with information and its contradictions, we find solace in quiet spaces and humble crafts. So we find ourselves newly infatuated with the comic book, an unassuming, increasingly mainstream art that has long reconciled warring snippets of image and text.

Return of a Palace

A shuttered discount store and an empty lot in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn frame one of New York’s greatest treasures—a majestic theater that has been both adored and forgotten.


When we walked up from the Lorimer stop on the L train—my favorite of all the L stops—the first thing we saw was a 24-hour natural food market glowing in the dark of the quiet, eerie, perfect Brooklyn street.

The Hard Nut and a Stiff Body

The great thing about Mark Morris is how normal he looks. This is, by now, a banality, but it remains a distinguishing feature of the man and his company.


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