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THE INQUISITION OF MAC WELLMAN, In Honor of 10 Years of Brooklyn College

So Emily DeVoti and I are sitting in our favorite bar—The Delphic Weasel—thinking about articles for the theater section for the Brooklyn Rail’s 10th anniversary issue.

Bring the fire, bitches! Cino Nights

West Village, 1960s, long before the whitewash: when hippies were young, rents were cheap, and Carmine Street was still the realm of the possible.

In Conversation

No Place Like Home: BROOKE BERMAN with Kyle Thomas Smith

Brooke Berman is back in town this week, getting a handle on all the changes afoot in her ever-mercurial life.

Musical Ghosts in Hand-Held Machines: La MaMa E.T.C. Celebrates International Puppetry

Three arched window doors with gauze drapes, billowed by the narrator’s feather duster; a tiny black circular stage rolled about, as are those pretty, creepy windows; a glowing backstage candelabra. That’s the set for Chopin–An Impression, by the Bialystok Puppet Theatre, which opens at La MaMa E.T.C. this month during their annual Puppet Series.

La MaMa Puppet Series IV, <i>Built to Perform</i>, plays through November; check <a for schedules and information." />

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