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Some Formative Moments in the First Decade of the Rail

I must confess, I don’t remember the exact moment when I named the Brooklyn Rail. It was 1998, and Ted and I were on the L train back to Brooklyn.


It was in the spring of 2001 when Williamsburg-bred basketball legend Red Auerbach first asked “What the hell is the Brooklyn Rail?” Not long afterward, that very same question was posed to the two of us by a current Brooklyn figurehead, who followed it by saying, “You’re the guys who want to live here; we’re the ones who couldn’t leave.”

Bettina Johae’s

Bettina Johae’s project, “eminent domain, nyc” (2010), investigates the use of eminent domain—for public and for private use—in New York City over the past centuries.

A Gift for All Seasons

Anyone who’s reared a child will tell you that parenthood is full of challenges and anxiety. And that’s if the child is healthy. If there are problems of any kind, worries multiply.

One Saturday Morning in Ditmas Park

It was a Saturday morning in late fall, 2008. A drizzly, downright shitty Saturday morning in early December. No way were our friends going to gather for brunch, so that left nothing to do but head to yoga class. I pulled on my pair of the tall rubber rain boots and tromped out my door down Cortelyou Road, the vena cava of my rapidly gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood.

Munchin’ on the Ritz

It’s raining. Water squelches in my sneakers, and the blasting summer air conditioning on the train sends a chill down the back of my neck. The hairy guy to my right smells like cheese and shoes.


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