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The Game

Get recognition. Get the gallery. Get in museums. You'll need some help.

Learning From White Castle

From August 13 to 16, 2010, I ate at White Castle #100034 on 781 Metropolitan Avenue in East Williamsburg 11 times. I live around the corner from the restaurant and use it to guide friends to my apartment all the time (“pass the White Castle, make a right”), but have never actually eaten there prior to this undertaking.

The Spring Festival

When I was 20 years old, and a college student, I defaced a portrait of Chairman Mao. For this act, and without a trial, I was declared a political prisoner and sent to a forced labor prison in Taihu Lake, where I served in a labor reform brigade—in this instance, a stone quarry—for seven years.

Art In Conversation

ART IS A POLITICAL OPPORTUNITY: Paolo Canevari with Francesca Pietropaolo

On the occasion of his forthcoming exhibition Odi et Amo at Galleria nazionale d’arte moderna e contemporanea in Rome (October 9 – November 7, 2010), Paolo Canevari met with art historian and curator Francesca Pietropaolo to discuss—among other things—art, superheroes, and simplicity.

Art In Conversation


Helicopters played a significant military role during the Vietnam War and became a resonant symbol for the Vietnamese. Now at MoMA, Dinh Q. Lê, the Vietnamese-American artist, is exhibiting a helicopter fashioned from scrap parts by two Vietnamese farmers.

Art In Conversation

John Elderfield with Phong Bui

On the occasion of Matisse: Radical Invention, 1913 – 1917 at the MoMA (July 18 – October 11, 2010), John Elderfield, who co-organized the exhibition, stopped by Art International Radio to talk with Rail publisher, Phong Bui, about the exhibit.

Art In Conversation

Deborah Kass with Terry R. Myers

Lecturer, critic, and independent curator Terry R. Myers recently spoke with artist Deborah Kass, whose forthcoming exhibition MORE feel good paintings for feel bad times will show at Paul Kasmin Gallery September 23 - October 30, 2010, about her life and work.

Books In Conversation

Frederic Tuten with John Reed

I met Frederic Tuten at the diner we only managed to identify as, “that place a block down from the Strand,” where we talked about his essays, his short stories, and his five novels and his interest in the visual arts.

BERBER BANJOS AND GNAWA TOADS: Searching for the Sounds of Marrakech

There are certain things we expect of common spaces, reliable markers to help us move through the public sphere. If we’re at a shopping mall, we expect signs telling us where the exits are.

Dark Charlie

The summer I returned from teaching English in Japan, my Grandmother bought me a spark-blue 1991 Isuzu Amigo with retractable canvas top and on-demand four-wheel drive.

Five for Kenneth Fearing

Crime novelist Owen Hill is trying to make a comeback as a poet. His new chapbook is Songs from the G.E. Collective (San Francisco).

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