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The Good Citizen

There is a section of the 110 freeway in Los Angeles that drops into downtown and at night it feels like you are driving through the skyscrapers, lit up like a big carnival on the edge of the city.

Penis Learns How To Sing

If you have heard the stories of Woodchuck you know that Woodchuck was always losing his penis which he carried in a box but never locked. Once he lost his penis he went madly searching for it everywhere because he knew what trouble could result if he didn’t find it.

The Childhood of Despair

Once upon a time in Aftermath, a long line of daughters came to its end with the appearance of the last. Troubled or troubling; troubling or troubled—each and all of those girls had been one or the other or both.

Reruns Rezoomed: a Serial Novel

We separated at the revolving doors, exchanged phone numbers and shared a gypsy cab into the city. The otherwise silent driver was the first to notice. “There’s been a pink Cadillac following us for the past three miles,” he said.

Tragic Strip

The Maid That, Insulted, Outed "MAC"


The Brooklyn Rail

APRIL 2009

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