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Looking For a Place to Hang

On my first visit to New York, a New Yorker said to me, “this is a hard city to live in. The rents are high, work is often busy and stressful but what makes it worthwhile is that you’re always coming across cool, quirky places you’d probably never find anywhere else.”

Nonfiction: Art on the Wall Inspires Duo

Fort Greene artist Janet Braun-Reinitz likes walls. But not just any wall. She likes well-preserved, smooth surfaces on the sides of buildings; they’re perfect for creating murals, she says. “There’s nothing like standing on scaffolding and painting,” Braun-Reinitz continues; or hearing comments from passers-by. There's also something she loves about the camaraderie of working with others as opposed to the isolation of a studio. “The process is renewing. When you’re on the wall people see you not as an arty-farty person, but as a worker,” she laughs.

"When We Were Kings" Pro-Boxing Back in the Hood

No man-eaters imperil me. No, there isn’t much chance I’ll one day find I have to fight for my life versus a roaring, flesh-eating monster unless there’s an escape at the Bronx Zoo, or I go looking for trouble on the Great Barrier Reef, the African veldt, or in the Kodiak range. The peril lurks in men—insurance clerks, Ponzi men, bad doctors, feral lawyers.

Justice Center a Success, But Budget Cuts Loom

Desiree Pardo strolled into the courtroom six months after she was arrested for possession of a small amount of crack cocaine with a reason to be happy.


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