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The 2009 New Yorker Festival: A MINI-MUSIC SAMPLER

The New Yorker Festival is a celebration of ideas, with provocative discussions about politics, business, film, theater, and literature. But how do you best present poignant ideas when they are sung rather than spoken?

“HOW WILL I GET PAID?” Music Industry Execs Discuss Payment Models, Pirates, and Monetization at the CMJ Music Marathon

Four days of CMJ-sponsored panel discussions at NYU’s Kimmel Center last month saw musicians and music-industry professionals hashing out some of the most pressing issues facing the music business today.

MET 2.0

Lincoln Center is different nowadays. Outside, there is a sleek new fountain and a Parisian-style grove.

The Ouija Board of Sonic Energy Douglas Henderson: “MUSIC FOR 100 CARPENTERS” at Pierogi Gallery

The Boiler at Pierogi Gallery has no heat. One hundred seasoned volunteers had agreed to come here to freeze their asses off for the love of music and the promise of beer.

Outsider Looking In DANIEL JOHNSTON: IS AND ALWAYS WAS (Eternal Yip Eye)

No discussion of Daniel Johnston’s music seems to be complete without liberal use of the terms “lo-fi,” “outsider artist,” or “mental illness.” Then there’s always the mention of his “sincerity.”

More Songs About Love, Desire, and Restlessness PAOLO CONTE: PSICHE (ECM Records)

Like the best Barbera wine from his hometown of Asti, Paolo Conte’s musicianship improves over time. At 72 the gravelly voiced Italian singer-songwriter has mastered his craft to the point where the unexpected occurs routinely.

MAYER HAWTHORNE: Not Through Playin' the Fool for Love

he legend of Mayer Hawthorne tells of him recording the demos that became A Strange Arrangement as a bit of a joke. He was Andrew Cohen and DJ Haircut then, and he had neither done much singing before, nor intended to shop the demos around to labels at all.


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