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The Church of the Divine Heckle

The first debate, Bloomberg and Thompson. We had discussed many scenarios, including hurling a shoe at Bloomberg while he stood at his podium. I was not invited to be part of the debate, but as the Green Party candidate I wanted to be there, if only for a moment.


I only noticed that fall had arrived when my fingertips, less active during the final review of a major, yearlong project, felt stiff and icy. I knew it was time to call the old project complete and start a new one.

JOSHUA DERR: Bearing Witness to Gentrification

The first thing you notice about photographer Josh Derr’s work is the color. Whether you’re looking at a blue sky, a red truck, or something yellow or green, his dazzling hues practically jump off the page and demand attention.


The Brooklyn Rail

DEC 09-JAN 10

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