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Daria Martin: Minotaur

<i>Daria Martin, <em>Minotaur</em>, Courtesy Maureen Paley, London</i>
Daria Martin, Minotaur, Courtesy Maureen Paley, London

The New Museum of Contemporary Art: January 28 – March 22, 2009    

Real Minotaurs Like It Dirty


Not like this … bird song

dappled sun, cedars: this is

a goddamn haiku


Minotaur, it’s time for your close-up

You’ll be played by a saggy old man with a proud bearing

She’ll have great knockers, relax

Come out of the fucking labyrinth already

And keep the hanky-panky clean for the school tours.

Shame’s out these days.


Look at those randy dancers:

can’t keep

their hands off each other.

The Rodins are blushing.


The only one having an orgasm here is the cinematographer.


Where’d that dang Minotaur get to now?

That’s the problem with the talent, always running off to cool their egos with mossy stones.

Minotaur! Minotaur? Don’t make me

                  go all Anna Halprin on your Mediterranean ass.


Claudia La Rocco

CLAUDIA LA ROCCO writes about performance for the New York Times and is the founder of, which won a 2011 Arts Writers Grant. She is a member of Off The Park press, where she is editing an anthology of poems by painters. She is on the faculty of the School of Visual Art's graduate program in Art Criticism and Writing.


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