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Kane in Babel: notes

I was always aware that under similar circumstances at Sarah's age (she was 24) and so far from home I would not have been able to hold on to my equilibrium. It was too jarring: to be so misperceived for the work which is your heart.

A Planetoid of Self: Mac Wellman

I was walking through Dia Beacon (the contemporary art museum in Beacon, NY) a couple of weekends ago, and as I left one enormous exhibition space to enter into another, I started thinking, firstly that I have no idea where I am in relation to where I came in, and secondly, this sooo reminds me of Mac Wellman’s book, A Chronicle Of The Madness Of Small Worlds, that it’s flipping me out a little.

Rumble in Brooklyn: The Civilians’ Brooklyn at Eye Level

The fight over the Atlantic Yard Development is a battle for the heart and soul of Brooklyn. It is a part of the larger war being waged around the issues of gentrification vs. stagnation and progress vs. authenticity.

Sibyl Kempson and the Secret Life of Potatoes

When she was nineteen or twenty, Sibyl Kempson began to see cats everywhere she went. They would “just sort of come around corners,” or be sitting in small groups along the path when she walked in the woods.

Acting Strangely: A Light Lunch with My Brother

If you’re related to one of the actors, the subject of a play is often beside the point.


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