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From Bunker Anatomy

[Translation from the French by Brian Evenson] So lived Medusa: each morning, before brushing her hair, she took care to feed the one-thousand nine-hundred and twenty-eight snakes quivering on her head.

Tragic Strip


Woodchuck & Lemur

Woodchuck had been gone a very long time when he finally reappeared with a companion stranger than any creature the people had ever seen.

Super Fudge Chunk

I have never worked in an office before, but I imagine it is something like existing inside of a dead whale eight hours a day. The women’s limbs are so narrow and useless.


Then she heard the dog bark. Strange since there had been no car on the road, no sound of steps. Of course the snow was freshly fallen, soft and plush, to muffle any sound. He barked again. Was it a stray cat? Or coon? Deer most likely.

From Under Every Spreading Tree

Walter Burwell arrived in Holcombe in 1922 from New York State. This photograph is dated 1928, a year after the Holcombe Register nicknamed him The Raspberry Prince and two years before he disappeared from town under warrant for bootlegging.

From 02:51

All of a sudden there they are on the downtown F Train. Five, six years old is my guess. Could’ve been mine. Should’ve been. It wasn’t like I’d insisted that you carry for nine months.

Two Stories

We stopped in Delano but avoided the politics. Instead we talked about the Dodgers and the Giants.


The Brooklyn Rail

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