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Bill T. Jones' A Quarreling Pair at the Brooklyn Academy of Music

This October, Bill T. Jones and his company were back in New York City, performing A Quarreling Pair at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Jones’s mesmerizing dance theater piece takes as a starting point a short 1945 puppet play by Jane Bowles, in which two sisters incessantly quarrel over their different needs and desires.

Tragicomic Throwdown: Dada von Bzdülöw’s Factor T.

Life is full of conflicts. Most of us take this for granted. Some of us, like Stefan Themerson, write essays about it. And others, like Dada von Bzdülöw, make dances about essays about it.

Lights up on the Audience

Once a month at The Flea Theater, the stage lights dim, movement halts, and music is silenced; the audience comes alive. Dance Conversations @ The Flea, a free monthly performance curated by Nina Winthrop, presents works-in-progress performed by artists unafraid of experimenting with new ideas and forms.


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