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Coney Island History Project Preserves the Past for Future Generations

In 1965, Charles Denson, then a 12-year-old kid living in a Coney Island housing project, saw a map of his community in the New York Daily News and learned that the area had once been separated from mainland Brooklyn. “At that point I became fascinated with the history of the place,” he says.

South America's China Syndrome

"Right now South America is trying to recover from the social catastrophe of the past twenty years and sees China as a convenient market for its raw resources."

Art In Conversation

NANCY SPERO with Phong Bui

On the occasion of her traveling retrospective, Nancy Spero: Dissidances (currently on view at the Museu d' Art Contemporani in Barcelona), the artist recently sat down with Rail publisher Phong Bui at her home on LaGuardia Place.

Art In Conversation

Robert Hullot-Kentor in Conversation with Fabio Akcelrud Durão

One recent afternoon, Fabio Akcelrud Durão, a Brazilian literary theorist, paid a visit to the home of Robert Hullot-Kentor in Manhattan. The following is the result of their discussion of Adorno’s theory of a “web of unknowing,” psychoanalysis and politics, apocalypse, what words not to use, the gratuitous plural, and what art is.

Art In Conversation

Richard Artschwager in Conversation with John Yau & Eve Aschheim

Shortly after Richard Artschwager’s exhibition of paintings and sculptures opened at Gagosian Gallery (January 24–March 8, 2008) the Rail Art Editor John Yau and his wife, the painter Eve Aschheim visited the artist in his Manhattan apartment and home in Upstate New York to discuss his work.

Film In Conversation

Harmony Korine in Conversation with Amy Taubin

Harmony Korine, best known for his screenplay Kids in 1995 (written in a matter of weeks when he was twenty-two) and the experimental provocation of Gummo from 1997, and Julian Donkey-Boy in 1999, has made his third feature Mister Lonely over the course of ten years.

¡Divertido! Dan Zanes’s ¡Nueva York! Brings a Guerilla Groove to Family Music

Fun is not a word commonly understood to spearhead subversive politics. Yet when Dan Zanes discusses life and music it becomes clear that fun is the sword with which he fights the good fight.

Editor's Message From The Editor

Men of La Mancha

For most of us who grew up in the 20th century, two things seemed certain never to happen in our lifetime: a black person getting elected president of the U.S., or the Cubs winning the World Series.

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