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Code Word Reform: Taking another look at the Actors’ Equity Showcase Code

On Sunday, July 8, from 6 to 8pm at Classic Stage Company, come show your support for AEA Showcase Code reform! Keep readin’...

Reclamation and Resistance

While the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by Israel has been going on for decades, the cultural cleansing of Palestinian society is a relatively new phenomenon.

Code Word Reform

Once considered the “fringe”—home to the mysterious fire-breathing (sometimes literally) monsters at the edge of New York’s theatrical map—Off Off Broadway has been gaining steady recognition as the new foundation for the most innovative and risk-taking theatrical work in the city.

In Dialogue

It Feels Damn Good To Speed

It’s brash, it’s loud, and it’s distinctly American. It’s NASCAR, and in the mind of playwright Janet Allard, it’s theatrical gold.

Excerpts from other work by Janet Allard

As a playwright, Allard is used to using highly theatrical means to investigate American cultural signifiers.


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