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In Conversation

Ohad Naharin with Susan Yung

Ohad Naharin, artistic director of Batsheva Dance Company based in Tel Aviv, was recently in residence at Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet’s Chelsea studio teaching a training method he developed called “gaga.”

Michael Helland’s The Dress Up Show

While waiting in The Chocolate Factory’s brick entrance area-art gallery for Michael Helland’s The Dress Up Show—starring Helland, Miriam Wolf, Stephanie Booth, Carly Pansulla, Anna Carapetyan and Daniel Linehan—to commence, I felt like a not-quite-cool-enough spectator hoping to get into an underground hipster club.

The Medievalist and the Minimalist

Last month, La MaMa Experimental Theatre presented an impressive dance festival celebrating their 45th year, and including the work of fifty- odd choreographers and companies.

Chameckilerners Exit at the Kitchen

I love the true immediate nature of seeing live dance performances. Its fleeting quality heightens the experience, but it also makes it more susceptible to being forgotten.


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