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The Accidental Oracle

I keep hearing how “sun dried tomatoes” is a high class thing to eat, so I bought some. They were not only as chewy as shoe leather, but they smelled like day old socks smothered in catsup. What’s up with that smell?

The Josephus Problem

The battle had drawn to a close. For the defenders, the battle was lost. The battle had been won by the assailants. After fifty-three days of siege, the fortress Jotapata, which had been built by Joshua in Galilee to the north of Sepphoris, had fallen at the hands of the Romans because of a deserter’s betrayal.

Flushing Av

The House of Frozen Miracles was a plasma bank in a part of the city where galleries and boutiques engulfed a hub of aging meatpackers. The nurses wore canvas scrubs and plunged the butterflies into our arms with the swiftness of thieves.


I am sitting in my study—that’s how the story I recorded begins—I am sitting in my study—in San Diego California—close to the sun—where I moved four years ago to be with myself and finish my work—I am sitting in my study looking out of the window at the splendid view before me—incredible—the valley the mountains the trees the sky the birds—beautiful—I’m having a good day—I feel great—I am working on My Body in Nine Parts…


The Brooklyn Rail

MAY 2007

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