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The Accidental Oracle

My dear young wife Fatima and I had our hearts broken when our little dog Fester (like Lester, but with an F) died. We break down crying every time we see his hairs stuck to the sofa or look in his bedroom, where he “lies in state” in a beer cooler full of ice with his stumpy little legs shot up in the air.

Floats Horse-floats or Horse-flows

“Floats Horse-floats or Horse-flows” is based on the notion of “alexia,” word-blindness, but not arising as a nervous disorder, unknown words create a future.

From RERUNS 2/Jack in the Box

It was not the same. It was all the same. I was in Italy sitting at my desk in a luxuriant Villa writing the story of my invented life. I was in a bed in Brooklyn dreaming I was in Italy at the Villa Mondare, which was a made-up place in any event, writing the first sentence of a fictional memoir.

What Holds Ink To Paper*

From sentences (Red Dust, 2007), a collection of short stories, essays, and drawings.


The Brooklyn Rail

MAR 2007

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