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Found in Translation: Ibsen/ Fosse at 59E59

As the producer/ director Sarah Cameron Sunde puts it, Norweigian playwright Jon Fosse believes that all theatre is a perpetual dialogue, forever in translation.

From Kansas to the Ohio: The Ice Factory 2006

“Robert F. Kennedy is an angel of God,” explains director Rachel Chavkin to sound designer Matt Hubbs. “He’s acting as an angel of God.” “But he’s not the Second Coming?” queries Hubbs. “He’s not the Second Coming,” confirms Chavkin.

After the Fall

“After years and years of ‘wooden language’, the young Romanian playwrights are now trying to actually reinvent a spoken, everyday language, and it’s a tough battle.” —Iulia Popovici

Politics is a Drag

At first glance, Larry Bogad’s informative and engaging Electoral Guerilla Theatre seems an odd book to exist, chronicling three underreported satirical election campaigns.

In Dialogue

Divining Adam Szymkowicz

Adam Szymkowicz is home from work early on a Tuesday afternoon (he has an office job, like many of us). He’s taking vacation time to work on a new play.

Jane Austen Reclaimed and Retold

Mansfield Park is widely considered to be one of Jane Austen’s least popular works.

Depends on the Audience

I hate comedians. Most people love them, but that’s only because most people don’t know any.


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