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“All the Pauls”

So this is how it happens. And it happens all the time. A bright eighteen-year-old kid decides that college is not for him.

Getting Trashed

I’m sitting in the dark in a yet to be used press tent pirating electricity and wireless as bugs crawl across my screen. How’s that for camping? It’s a few days ahead of the opening of the Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee.


DISAPPEARED IN AMERICA is an ongoing project by Visible Collective/Naeem Mohaiemen that uses films, installations, and lectures to trace migration impulses, hyphenated identities, and the post-9/11 security panic. Excerpts of the project have been shown at various venues, including the 2006 Whitney Biennial.

Inside Denver

I walk alone into Sputnik, a standard retro dive bar. I sit down at a booth and the bartender recognizes me. It makes me feel better because I’m weak.

The Happiest Uprising on Earth

It’s Memorial Day weekend of 2005 and I stick two fingers in a scanner that takes an electronic picture of my fingerprints. Getting into Disney World today is like gaining access to Ft. Knox. I’m allowed to insert my ticket, which is read and kicked back to me.


The Brooklyn Rail

JUL-AUG 2006

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