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In Dialogue

Talking Band’s The Necklace: A serial mystery in eight episodes

As Daniel Gerould, the distinguished theatre scholar has noted, melodrama was and still is a major art form in America.

A Great Man Of Genius: Mike Daisey at Galapagos

“I love technology,” declares actor Mike Daisey, “but I love even more the definition of technology which is not complicating things…”

Catching the Conscience: Lessons Drawn from My Name is Rachel Corrie

The cancellation of My Name is Rachel Corrie galvanized people world-wide to organize readings of the words of Rachel Corrie on the third anniversary of her death.

Sanctifying The Quotidian: Sheila Callaghan’s Dead City

In her opening, playwright Sheila Callaghan embeds the markers of her play Dead City.

Open the Gate: Gary Winter’s At Said at PS 122

Words could not save Paul Celan. The Romanian poet drowned himself in the Siene just months before his fiftieth birthday.

May on Track

Current and Coming Events in Theater

Rehearsal Diary of THE MISTAKES MADELINE MADE in Space-Saving Haiku Format

Editor’s note: Colleen Werthmann currently stars in Naked Angels’ production of Liz Meriwether’s The Mistakes Madeline Made, directed by Evan Cabnet. We asked her to provide us with a rehearsal diary, but what she handed in exceeded our word count by an order of magnitude. The noted actress, author, and humorist responded to our editorial request, creatively as ever, by converting the diary entries into haiku. -Jason Grote


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