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Letter From New Orleans

At 6:00 am on Mardi Gras day, two bonesmen from the Northside Skull and Bones Gang, a masked Mardi Gras group with intentions to scare, met in the Treme, north of the French Quarter, with a drum corps to wake up the neighborhood.

excerpt from Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal

We find ourselves in a remarkable situation today. Despite a massive propaganda campaign in support of the occupation of Iraq, a clear majority of people in the United States now believes the invasion was not worth the consequences and should never have been undertaken.

Bush’s Hopes in the Hands of Gangsters

“Where is this Kurdistan? I have never heard of this,” he says. I point across a short bridge to the Kurdish customs office, flying a large Kurdish flag, as it has since 1991.


The Brooklyn Rail

MAY 2006

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