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The Perversion of “Wise Use”

In 1845, New York journalist John O’Sullivan editorialized that “it was the nation’s manifest destiny to overspread and to possess the whole of the continent which Providence has given.”

Hats, Staircases, and the Mystery of Fact

Reading The Ongoing Moment is like sitting down with Geoff Dyer to coffee at a corner diner just after accompanying him to a recent survey exhibit of 20th century American photography.

Will the Real T Cooper…

Meta-fiction shows up in different ways; it can run consistently through an entire book, informing every statement the author makes, or it might pop up in sparse, subtle moments.

A Perfect Yarn

Charles D’Ambrosio’s new collection of stories, The Dead Fish Museum, is a remarkable set of mixed blessings.

A Grin to Bear It

Jim Feast’s novel Neo Phobe, written with Ron Kolm, is a shaggy monster of a book, redolent of meta-narrative and deconstructionism and word and mind games reminiscient of the the ‘70s heyday of Donald Barthelme and Tom Robbins.

The Fruits of Risk

Fig is the latest from London based poet Caroline Bergvall, whose text and sound pieces have been produced internationally.


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