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Imperial Wasteland

Like the tightly knit group of imperialists who provoked a “splendid little war” with Spain in 1898 to “establish the supremacy of the American republic throughout the East till the end of time,” the neo-imperialist power elites that crystallized in and around the Bush administration imagined when they invaded Iraq that the world was finally theirs.

The Line We’re On

Now that it looks like things are finally beginning to fall apart for these thugs who have taken over the U.S. government, it’s difficult to know what worked, but one has to conclude that what we just saw documented in this video by Artists Against the War was at least a part of it.

The Billionaires are Back

Watching the news, grinding your teeth, complaining that America is apathetic and people should really be out doing something…

The 2006 Democrats, as Seen by Future Historians

The destruction of Iraq, the looting of the national treasury, and the unregulated growth of corporate power were not of concern to the Democrats headed into the midterm campaign of 2006.

War’s Hellish Landscape

I’m holding a scarf under the blazing sun of the desert, it’s hard to remember that I’m not in the real Iraq but on the set of one of countless ranches outside Los Angeles that now pass for Iraq in America’s relentless obsession with dramatized war.


This is a clear infraction. The signal-to-noise barrier has been repeatedly violated in this sector. Irrational dogs roam the perimeter, barking in time.

A Letter from Hannah Arendt to Karl Jaspers

The reknowned political philosopher Hannah Arendt came to the U.S. in 1941 as a refugee from Hitler’s Germany. Karl Jaspers was a leading representative of existential philosophy, which originated in Germany in the 1920s.


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