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Between the Lines: Light, Music, Theatre, Spirit

Light becomes difficult to discuss precisely because it is intangible. It is both wave and particle and by virtue of that neither. ...

In Conversation

Brendan Connelly Clicks and Pops, Brendan Connelly with George Hunka

In this question-and-answer session, Brendan speaks about the unique nature of his contribution to the troupe’s collaborative practice as he creates scores that both direct and accompany the creative work and performances of the group. ...

The Dramatist and The Designer

When Thespis first stepped downstage from the choir in some ancient Greek religious ceremony, what hell he wrought for us playwrights. ...

In Dialogue

The Imperceptible Mutabilities of Susan-Lori Parks in 365 Plays And As Many Days Across The Whole Kingdom

Of course Suzan-Lori Parks is an amazing writer. I don’t think anybody would dispute that. But this aside, I feel a connection to her work I’m not sure I can put a finger on. ...

The Five Sams Emerge from Samantha: Wicked Alchemy

So I’m in the middle of writing the climactic scene of my play Dead City. My main character, Samantha, after a very emotionally draining day-slash-lifetime. ...


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