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Wrestling Dostoyevsky: Betontac

The European Dream Festival was a welcome hiccup to New York City’s circadian rhythm. ...

Jeremy Nelson’s Accent Elimination and Mean Piece (premiere) at Dance Theater Workshop

In his 2006 season at DTW, Jeremy Nelson stripped dance to the bare essentials: flesh and bone moving through space. ...

Rags and Riches: Caitlin Cook at the Kitchen

For her recent evening-length work, Skint, Caitlin Cook reassembled The Kitchen’s bleacher seating into a sort of balcony so that, at least for those of us in the front and center. ...

The Particulars of Being Human: A review of MOB Production’s Mammal at Dance New Amsterdam

We are warm-blooded vertebrate creatures. We grow hair, feed our young with milk from our own bodies, have specialized teeth, a neocortex and a four-chambered heart. ...


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