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Immigration Hysteria Hits Gotham

When Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist recently brought his message to Columbia University, he didn’t have to worry about dramatic backdrops like border fences or nighttime operations—all he needed was a group of screaming students, who graciously obliged.

Picasso as Anti-Fascist

Most of the commentary about Picasso, and most especially about his activism once the Spanish Civil War broke out, seems to suggest that this political action was unusual. But Picasso was a born anti-fascist; it was in his blood.

Express In Conversation

Iraq in Fragments: James Longley with Williams Cole

James Longley talks to Williams Cole about his new documentary, the experience of working as a filmmaker in a war–zone, and the disastrous impact of the American invasion on ordinary Iraqis.

Art In Conversation

T. J. Clark with Kathryn Tuma

T. J. Clark is George C. and Helen N. Pardee Professor of Modern Art at the University of California at Berkeley. Since the appearance in 1973 of his first two books, The Absolute Bourgeois: Artists and Politics in France, 1848-1851 and Image of the People: Gustave Courbet and the 1848 Revolution, Clark has been one of the most influential and challenging voices in the field of art history.

Art In Conversation

Squeak Carnwath with John Yau

This past July, art Editor John Yau visited Squeak Carnwath in her studio in Oakland, ca, to discuss her upcoming show at Nielsen Gallery, Boston (October 21 – November 25, 2006).

Art In Conversation

Kim Jones with Stephen Maine

A few days before the installation of his traveling retrospective (currently on view at the University of Buffalo Galleries till Dec. 17th), Kim Jones, the celebrated performance artist, paid a visit to the Rail’s headquarters to talk about his life and work.

Outernational: Rockin’ in the Unfree World

Last October, Marxist agit-rappers the Coup headlined a show at Southpaw that also included Livesavas, Tom Morello, and an unsigned band that I’d never heard of called Outernational. ...

A Royal Pain

Marie Antoinette and The Queen examine the world of monarchical excess from opposite perspectives — and with disparate results.

War Hammer

On the day one thousand people were killed when a bridge collapsed in Baghdad and Hurricane Katrina caused the word refugee to be invoked when referring to American citizens who lived in its path on the Gulf of Mexico, Elyse became a high elf. ...

Editor's Message From The Editor

Fun While it Lasted...

Halloween both came early and lasted long for the Democrats this year, as they donned the costumes of an antiwar party. ...


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