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Farewell to CBGB's

This is where Richard Hell and Joey Ramone took on The Man. The punk rock values that came out of CBGB’s made me who I am. And now it’s gone.

Punk and 40: A Mid-Life Opportunity

I was in college when “Thirty Something” was on TV. At the time I was neither watching TV nor did I give a shit about 30-year-olds. But clearly my TA’s did, they were growing up, so-to-speak, because they were now seeing themselves targeted as a primetime audience. They had become adult consumers. Little did I know that my time would come.

Hardcore Memories

Williams Cole muses on the hardcore scene in light of the new documentary, American Hardcore by Paul Rachman.

Hurricane Hugo Takes New York By Storm

A pregnant silence permeated the Great Hall of Cooper Union as the audience anxiously awaited the guest of honor. The auditorium was packed to capacity, filled with people from all walks of life. They had come together for one purpose: to spend an entertaining night with one of the most brash, fiery, charismatic and colorful leaders in recent times.

A Memo from Rummy

Donald Rumsfield offers some clarification for concerned Democrats.

Where Have You Gone, Harold Reynolds?

One night late this past July, I received some upsetting news. I was where I always am at ten o’clock, between March and September, Parked in front of the TV watching ESPN’s Baseball Tonight. Toward the end of the show, anchor Karl Ravech made the scripted-to-seem-innocuous announcement, ‘After eleven years, Harold Reynolds is no longer with ESPN.’ The network offered no further comment.

A Tribute to Eros

When Ralph Ginzburg died this past July at age 76, he was variously remembered as a controversial publisher, foe of both Bobby Kennedy and Barry Goldwater, successful photographer, leading opponent of circumcision and a master of disguise, his most favorite being that of a minister. Here, Theodore Hamm delves into what one of his publications, Eros, was all about.


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