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Ashes, Ashes

Demo and his friends called the abandoned warehouses along Greenpoint’s West Street waterfront “The Alamo” and “Castle Gray Skull.”

Express In Conversation

Blair’s House of Cards: Clare Short with Hirsh Sawhney

Erudite and engaged, Clare Short has been a member of the UK Parliament since 1983. She has been one of the most vociferous critics of both the Iraq War and the Blair government’s ongoing support for it.

Art In Conversation

Richard Serra with Phong Bui

A few days after the opening of his new exhibit Rolled and Forged at the Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea last month, which remains on view till August, 11th, Richard Serra took time off from his busy schedule to walk Rail Publisher Phong Bui through the new work and sit down to discuss his life and work.

False Starts, Loose Ends

This talk was delivered at the College Art Association Conference, Philadelphia, February 21, 2002, at the session honoring Leo Steinberg as Distinguished Scholar. The speakers were introduced by David Rosand, Columbia University, followed by Samuel Y. Edgerton, Williams College; Rosalind Krauss, Columbia University; and Alexander Nagel, University of Toronto.

Da Vinci, Sedaris, Middlesex, Deleuze

I haven’t read The Da Vinci Code, but I have read a lot of profiles of women who have. Apparently they liked it a lot. It’s curious how consistently the curve of reading material ascends among the Last Great Book You Read on these profiles.

Excerpt from Yann Andréa Steiner

Before anything else, at the beginning of the story told here, there was a screening of India Song at an art cinema in the city where you lived.

Editor's Message From The Editor

The Man Who Would Save the Earth

Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth is a rather unique hybrid vehicle, as it’s in large part an earth science lecture with a campaign biopic running through it.


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