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Sisterhood is Local: Offering Women an Abortion Haven

Abortion counselor Catherine Megill discovered that some out-of-towners traveling to New York City for multiple-day second-trimester abortions were sleeping on park benches, at Port Authority, or in cars, because they couldn’t afford hotel rooms.

The French Alternative to “No Alternative”

The showdown in Paris and other cities against the right-wing government’s First Employment Contract bill (“CPE”) turns out to be France’s largest student movement in twelve years — but joining forces with last November’s suburban rioters remains a harder task.

Art In Conversation

Charles Seliger with Phong Bui and John Yau

Rail publisher Phong Bui and art editor John Yau talk with painter Charles Seliger about his life and work in conjunction with the current exhibit of his new paintings at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery.

Art In Conversation

Amy Sillman with Phong Bui

In the midst of her preparation for the upcoming solo exhibit at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. from April 8 to May 6, and the late April publication of her first book, Amy Sillman—Works on Paper (which includes drawings from the past ten years and is being published by Gregory R.

Art In Conversation

Stephen Westfall with John Yau

On the occasion of his new exhibit at Lennon Weinberg, Inc., which will be on view until April 22, Rail art editor John Yau visited Stephen Westfall’s loft/studio last week to discuss his life and work.

Whitney Biennial 2006: Day for Night

The 2006 Whitney Biennial had the potential to harness a subversive undercurrent with only a slight (if radical) reinterpretation of its curatorial premise, Day for Night.

From A Strange Commonplace

The boy was in the backyard, playing aimlessly in the thin snow that covered the packed soil in which nothing had ever been planted. She looked out of one of the panes in the back door window at him, waiting.

Theater In Dialogue

All’s Well That Ends in Well Lisa Kron and Leigh Silverman

My introduction to Lisa Kron was in the Five Lesbian Brothers’ The Secretaries at New York Theater Workshop. It was love at first sight—but with the entire group of five women.

Film DVD Culture

How Pink Got So Violent: A Guide to Japanese Female Exploitation Films of the ’70s on DVD

One of the more thrilling film experiences I had in the last ten years took place in my small apartment in Taiwan sometime during 1997.

Express In Dialogue

French Literature Today: Philippe Forest with Yann Nicol

Born in Paris in 1962, Philippe Forest is the author of numerous essays on art and literature and of three novels, all published by Gallimard.

Editor's Message From The Editor

The city and the country

It goes without saying that New York City used to be a different place.


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