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Serenade to Oblivion

It’s one of those nights. You’ve fucked up really bad and you’re fucked-up drunk. You’ve embarrassed yourself and everyone around you. Your friends hate you. People who have only the vaguest notion of who you are hate you. People who only know your face hate you.

A Form for the Mess: The Avett Brothers’ Live Volume 2

Midway through the enthralling new Avett Brothers CD, Live, Volume 2, Seth Avett makes clear in an aside that what we are experiencing is a different kind of musical entity than the sometimes overly precious commodities we have come to expect in our digitally enhanced age.

“How Come You’re Not on American Idol?"

In an era in which the music recording industry prefabricates talent to fit the latest trend, or TV’s American Idol submits them to its tribunal’s ridicule or the whims of fickle fans, Candace Jones is a rare exception. She actually has singing ability and the requisite attitude to back it up.


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