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Talking About the Other America, Again

Just when I become comfortable with the idea that American narrative film has died; that it has finally suffocated from its lack of vision and its infatuation with Hollywood fashion, including the so-called indie cinema, a burst of fresh air suddenly hits me in the face.

2046: Wong Kar–Wai’s Finest Moment

“Every passenger who goes to 2046 has the same intention, to recapture lost memories.”

The Relentless Sublimity of Bertolucci’s Il Conformista

Expanding their extraordinary list of refurbished, impossible-to-see masterpieces, Film Forum will show Il Conformista, Bernard Bertolucci’s opera of Italian Fascism and sexual repression, from July 29th through August 11th.

Don’t See It Now

“Golden Age” seems like an incessant reference in criticism and the like, one that often indicates more the lack of iconoclastic risk in the present than an intrinsic brilliance in the past.

Chris Marker at the Museum of Modern Art

OWLS AT NOON Prelude: The Hollow Men is a work of mourning, a nineteen minute looped meditation on the catastrophe of World War I—with a very few glancing references to World War II.


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