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A brutal cold had shouldered away any vestige of sunnier days as Mink hunkered down at what he judged to be the river’s edge. Snow so deep, he couldn’t tell. Holding a three-foot length of rusted pipe, a faucetless spigot at one end, he began spearing the base of a snowy crest.

According to YJ, The Origin of the Long Island City Kinoclub

Earlier, when we were younger, we were best friends and, for a night, lovers. It was difficult because he was straight and liked girl-next-door types and I was basically appalled but we weren’t boogie so we could do it but it was, frankly, bogus, just to wild out. But even before that I was his cinematographer.


Why did this nightmare continue? Nothing held the slightest allure for me, but I was incapable of rest. Often I thought of the grave and might have purchased a how-to book on mercy killing, had the thought of reading it not been too painful. How I longed to evaporate!

Instructions for Sebastian

Please indulge privacy. Accidentally forget to set the alarm clock or blame your ignorance: Due to recently purchased waking-up mechanisms, I’ve been able to continue my sequence of dreaming until done, thank you for your understanding, sincerely yours, you or me. Place yourself in a comfortable position.


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