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The Ladies of Liberty

On Inauguration Day, Dubya’s rabbit eyes are about to shift into their dopiest state of confusion yet when he sees Lila Rose Kaplan’s Ladies of Liberty stomping up to triangulate DuPont Circle in DC. Arm-in-arm with comedic escorts Billionaires for Bush, this bilious band of 19th century battleaxes plans to hammer its croquet mallets straight into the groin of the president’s administration as it makes its way up its batty belfry to sound the death knell for women’s reproductive rights.

Excerpt: Five Frozen Embryos

FEMALE 1: People can be very sensitive—about things like that. FEMALE 2: Exactly. FEMALE 1: Wars have been fought over less.

Embracing the Margins: Play a Journal of Plays

But most editing conversations end in the galleys, and what the reader sees is the final product: lean, arch, narrative-driven, comments integrated, digressions lopped off in a mercenary fashion, all wrapped up in a sound-bite finish.

in dialogue: Yesterday’s News

It’s in the remind-me-who-they-were moment that Rob Handel’s new play Aphrodisiac begins. In a slightly jarring flash, we realize how fairly recent and tragic newsworthy events disappear from our daily discourse and are quickly superceded by the steady onslaught of, well, more recent and tragic events.

The Pathological Passion of Dario D’Ambrosi

Dario D’Ambrosi has been a fixture of the off-off Broadway scene since he first appeared at La MaMa almost twenty-five years ago.


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