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One-Sided Debate Over the Stadium… Continues

On November 29, residents of Prospect Heights and the surrounding areas were presented with an “informational meeting” hosted by Community Boards 2, 6, and 8 about Forest City Ratner’s proposed $2.5 billion Atlantic Yards Development.

New Skool Travels to Crown Heights

The 2004 session of the New Skool Journalism Workshop went to Crown Heights, where our team of young journalists worked to capture scenes of daily life that exist beneath the various stereotypes by which the place is known.

When Even the Minimum Wage Is a Distant Dream

Inside the basement of a large manufacturing building in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, with windows that are tinted less by design than sheer grime, nine immigrant women are sitting in front of sewing machines, stitching together pink and gray fabrics that are in the process of becoming T-shirts for young girls.

Lava Studio

On a Wednesday night at the Lava Studio in Prospect Heights, three students work on various techniques, including what’s known in the trapeze world as the bird’s nest, the plonge, and the gazelle, while others wait their turn, keeping warm doing handstands against the wall, crunches, splits, or handwalking on the mat.

¿Qué? to the MTA

If you wonder what those Spanish signs in New York City subway stations say, you’re not alone. So do many of the 2.1 million Latinos who live here.

Bill Batson and the Subway People

The lives of the millions that make up the city are totally forgotten,” says Brooklyn artist and activist Bill Batson of our celebrity-obsessed culture. “I elevate the commuter to the status of a significant part of recorded history. Art can do that.”

Anthony Morales’s Spittin’ Words

“Somebody tell me what makes good lyrics,” says Anthony Morales on the first day of Hip-Hop and Poetry class at El Puente, a high school in Williamsburg.


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