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In Conversation

Suketu Mehta with Hirsh Sawhney

Brooklyn-based Suketu Mehta, a graduate of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, spent the late 1990s becoming intimate with the gangsters and zealots responsible for the violence, as well as the slum dwellers, cops, bar girls, and movie stars who make India’s thriving commercial capital function.

Off the Shelves

Prins, Other People’s Money; Boyer, Kings & Queens; Dan Raeburn, Chris Ware; McCormick, Killing Bono; Stuever, Off Ramp; Elborn, Scream Queens of the Dead Sea

In Conversation

Jill Schoolman with Kate Trainor

Jill Schoolman is the publisher of Archipelago Books, a newborn, not-for-profit literary press based in Brooklyn.

Émigré’s Delight: Gombrowicz at the Beinecke Library

Through January 15, Yale’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library exhibits The World of Witold Gombrowicz, selections from the archive of the caustically funny Polish émigré writer who worked out of obscurity, then was the favorite for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1969, the year he died.

With Milosz in Mind

Milosz came out with new books regularly during all but the first twenty years of his extended lifetime. In part, the rebounding dialectic derived from a close attention to rapid and compelling historical developments in his “provincial” corner of Europe.


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