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In Dialogue

In Dialogue: A Poetics of Terror: Ken Urban

The world of Ken Urban’s plays is extraordinarily complex. It evokes the globalized world, where exotic, fearsome jungles of terrorism and ethnic cleansing coexist with banal landscapes of turnpikes, strip malls and subdivisions.

The Booth Variations

At first glance, the life of celebrated 19th-Century American actor Edwin Booth would seem to have little if anything in common with folks who eat worms on TV, and eagerly subject themselves to myriad other humiliations in hopes of grasping their own fleeting moment of celebrity, or "fame."

On the Radio: Splendor and Death of Porfirio Rubirosa

Poet, assassin, playboy, Porfirio Rubirosa speeds through the winding streets of Paris in his silver Ferrari, senses dulled by age and drink, time running out. Over the engine’s arrogant purr he cries out…


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