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On Gertrude Stein

Gertrude Stein pursued in syntax the theories of perception and experience propounded by her teacher William James, and by thinkers like Einstein and Heisenberg; she activated in poetics the deconstruction of pieties about family, nationality, and genre catalyzed by World War I; she translated into verbal terms the flattened, multi-perspectival observations of Cezanne and Picasso.

The Provocations of Arthur Cravan

I can’t remember where I first encountered Arthur Cravan, the poet-boxer and wild man deserter of seventeen nations.

Off the Shelves

Mahmood Mamdani, Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: America, the Cold War, and the Roots of Terror; Jim Tully, Beggars of Life: A Hobo Autobiography; Darcy Cosper, Wedding Season; A.S. Byatt, Little Black Book of Stories


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JUN 2004

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