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Meet the Shia: They Could Make or Break the Future of Iraq

In Baghdad’s upscale al-Mansour neighborhood, change is afoot. The towering pillars of a massive, but yet incomplete, mosque are visible from all around.

"The President is Not a 'Moron'..."

I. Trouble Inside the Beltway, late March 2004. White House Senior Adviser Karl Rove calls Vice President Dick Cheney to talk about the campaign.

Rev. Al’s Scampaign 2004

A year ago I wrote an article for New York Press in which I examined Rev. Al Sharpton’s pre-2004 campaign.

Army’s V Corps Band Rocks Marines

Ad Diwaniyah, Iraq (July 2003)— For the battle-hardened Marines and soldiers of 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, coming back to Camp Get Some, Iraq at the end of a long day of guarding the city normally means getting some chow and pulling a guard duty, reading a book, or just going to sleep.

Echoes of Chicago ’68? The City and Activists Gear Up for the RNC

A party’s pro-war leadership is at odds with its activist base. A nominating convention is being held in a city hostile to political protest. Radical factions threaten violent demonstrations, from which a reactionary political party stands to benefit.

The John Kerry Story: How a War Hero Did, or Did Not, Win the 2004 Election

Senator John Kerry calls Democratic National Committee Chair Terry McCauliffe to talk about the campaign.

In Conversation: Creating Peaceful Tomorrows
David Potorti with Mridu Chandra

In response to 9/11, the Bush Administration launched its war on terrorism, as well as the war in Iraq. In February of 2002, "September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows" formed to promote non-violent solutions to terrorism. Last year, the group was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Many Meanings of Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras or Carnival is an age-old celebration deeply rooted in ancient pagan and European festival traditions. While scholars disagree about the connections (or lack thereof) between Carnival and the ancient Roman spring rites of Saturnalia and Lupercalia, we know that the Christian church leaders sought to neutralize the rowdy Roman festival by incorporating it into the newly created Christian calendar early in the fifth century.


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