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Zarathustra Speaks Again

Jimmy Raskin’s The Prologue, The Poltergeist & The Hollow Tree... (Foundation 2021, October 2004,

Based upon the prologue of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra, Jimmy Raskin’s lifework delves into the question of poet and philosopher with insane zeal. While Raskin’s legendary performances—ten years since the first at Cooper Union’s Great Hall—left many under the impression that Raskin’s monumental task could never be distilled into a book, Foundation 2021 has risen to the occasion. The release of The Prologue, The Poltergeist & The Hollow Tree… will be coupled with an exhibition at the foundation’s gallery space, located in the National Arts Club. This edition of Raskin’s project is exclusive to The Brooklyn Rail.


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NOV 2004

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