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Two Biennials, Two Models:

Some will say that a biennial is a biennial, that no matter who you pick or what you choose, they are all the same.

Jennifer Pastor

When I initially saw the seven line drawings of Los Angeles-based artist Jennifer Pastor’s “Flow Chart for the Perfect Ride” (1999-2000) in Drawing Now: Eight Propositions at the Museum of Modern Art, lines flowing through the roiling motion of a generic cowboy on a furiously bucking bull, I immediately read them as instances of clever, ironical Pop art.

In Conversation

Bruce Conner with John Yau

"I decided it would be interesting to submit an article to ArtNews about Bruce Conner making a peanut butter sandwich, peanut butter being one of my favorite foods and main standbys during periods of economic distress. I also decided that it should be compulsively and precisely detailed."

In Conversation

Marsha Pels

On a crisp fall afternoon in Greenpoint where she lives and works, Marsha Pels sat down to talk about her work.

Tribute to Annie Herron

Annie loved looking at art. She was the most open and enthusiastic person I’ve ever met when it came to studio visits: she loved “discovering” a new artist.

Railing Opinion

As part of our interest in revitalizing art criticism and theory, in giving them both sharp edge and broad, encompassing vision, the Rail has initiated this column.

The Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art

There was a full-blown, fourth of July style fireworks display exploding over my head in what could only be termed a spectacular moment of serendipity.


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