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A Progressive Grows on Staten Island?

While the majority of voters in the five boroughs will cast a vote against Dubya and what he stands for, some will actually go to the polls and vote for Republicans to represent them in Washington.

The Legacy of Pier 57

The silence has been deafening. Despite the extensive press coverage of the RNC arrests—which shows that Pier 57 was either the site of wholesale preventive detention or of gross incompetence by the Bloomberg administration and the NYPD—none of the city’s top public officials have spoken out on the matter.

Campaign Dispatches

Watching Jimmy Carter last night, all white hair and teeth in the lights, I remembered his candidacy in 1976, when Hunter S. Thompson endorsed him in Rolling Stone right before the election, guaranteeing the youth vote.

Art In Conversation

Andrea Fraser

“Untitled” (2003) was initiated in 2002 when Andrea Fraser approached Friedrich Petzel Gallery to arrange a commission with a private collector on her behalf.

Railing Opinion

As part of our interest in revitalizing art criticism and theory, in giving them both sharp edge and broad, encompassing vision, the Rail has initiated this column.

Rudy Burckhardt: The Art of Being

Only by being and being and being… can anything truly become: truly arrive. —Parker Tyler

Electrifying Art: Atsuko Tanaka 1954–1968

A piercing bell breaks the silence in the gallery. It sounds like a fire alarm or a high-pitched human scream, startling, warning, terrifying, a harbinger of destruction.

Books In Conversation

Karen Liebreich with John Reed

In 1646, the Piarist Order, which had introduced education to the masses—and not only an education in Latin but also an education in basic reading and arithmetic—was disbanded by Pope Innocent X.

Hot & Cold —A Very Brief History of Intimate Love

Sadie’s idea of a good time was making love to Wilbur in an igloo, on a bear skin rug.

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