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In Memoriam—Pierogi's Berry

At 3:45 in the afternoon on Thursday, January 22, one of the most celebrated dogs in the Williamsburg art scene passed away. Berry was an important figure at Pierogi gallery since the day, almost 12 years ago, when Pierogi owner Joe Amrhein found a lonely Berry wandering Berry Street, thus the name. In some sense, Berry was an assistant director of the gallery—in many art publications Berry was side by side with Joe in the photos, and when the gallery was extremely busy Berry entertained artists, collectors, press, and all who were waiting to talk with Joe. Furthermore, like a good assistant, Berry never missed an opening and could always be found at Pierogi after-parties waiting patiently at the table for food to fall.

With a heavy heart, we bid farewell. Berry is now in the land of a thousand fire hydrants, where every day is an opening with an after-party where food magically falls off of everyone’s plate.


Greg Stone


The Brooklyn Rail

MAR 2004

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