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Globalization’s Underside: Sex Trafficking in Brooklyn

The sordid business of human trafficking, which includes enslavement in agricultural work, sweatshops, domestic labor, and prostitution, is rapidly expanding. And with its growing immigrant population, experts say, parts of New York City, including Brooklyn and Queens, have become hot spots in a trade that the International Labor Organization has described as the “underside of globalization.”

The Truth in Greensboro… Starts in Brooklyn

Sally Bermanzohn remembers everything that happened the morning of November 3, 1979 in snapshots, every image clear and precise. She and about fifty other demonstrators from the Communist Workers Party gathered at 11 a.m. near a housing project in the heart of Greensboro, North Carolina’s black community for a scheduled anti-Ku Klux Klan rally.

in memoriam: James E. Davis (1962-2003)

He always came on with a bounce, the way a sparrow hops on pavement. His psychic elasticity, as much as those granite muscles bulging in the sleeves of his suit, grabbed you in a lung-shriveling embrace and you knew he was 24-carat when he said, "So glad to see you, Brother!" Even on the hottest days he kept his jacket on, for it concealed the firearm that as a retired police officer he was licensed to carry.

Power (Plant) Politics

Where did these guys come from? Such was the first question on the minds of everyone who came to the Polish National Home in Greenpoint on a Thursday night in mid-July for the last scheduled public hearing on the power plant proposed for a site on Kent Avenue between N. 12th and N. 14th Streets.

Showdown at Verizon

By the time you read this, the employees of mid-Atlantic Verizon may already be on strike, or they may have settled on a new contract. But throughout this summer Verizon workers and managers were getting psyched up for that worst case scenario—that necessary evil—the labor strike. Through it all there was something a bit surreal about the girding for war.

Profile: Brooklyn’s King of Suds

On an afternoon in Williamsburg, a missionary walks the streets. He spreads the word at taverns and storefronts along the sparse midday avenues and alleys. As he leaves one of his stops, a bar and restaurant full of believers, the woman tending the counter shouts after him, “We love your beer!"

Comidas Buenas en Brooklyn

I hope you’ll allow a little autobiography here as I begin this issue’s review. It’s just that I happen to have a Mexican background, so the stakes are a little higher for me when it comes to Mexican cuisine. Refried beans are my mashed potatoes. Sure, I grew up in the suburbs of Denver.

Houseguestiquette: A Guide

When it comes to houseguestiquette, the etiquette of having and being a houseguest, it is best to do as I say, not as I do. Not only am I a conscientious pull-out couch resister, but, as both a host and houseguest, I’ve always been too punk rock to be Martha Stewart.


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