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DanceBrazil’s Camará

DanceBrazil’s exuberant performance at the Celebrate Brooklyn Festival in mid-July confirmed its place as one of the leading professional folk dance companies in the nation. Through its mixture of the traditional and contemporary, DanceBrazil, founded by Jelon Vieira, has acted as ambassador for Afro-Brazilian culture for over twenty-five years.

The Lithuanians of Fresh Death

Linas Phillips is a funny guy. As the mastermind behind the Campfire Show, presented at Galapagos in July, he just looks funny. Decked out in short shorts, a black leather vest, white socks, and sneakers, with a skinny blond trucker-trash mustache, it’s a pleasant surprise (and a refreshing change amidst today’s comedy/performance scene) when he opens his mouth and he really is funny.

A Choreographer in Search of A Style

When one is offered too many choices, making a decision can be near impossible. When it comes to dance, any young choreographer working today has much to draw upon in terms of choosing a style, tone, or technique with which to work.


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